For so many people the thought of creating content and posting to social media builds fear and anxiety within themselves. Yes, it can be scary to put yourself out there for others to judge, but in order to grow you have to face the things that make you uncomfortable!


I always say try to do one thing that makes you uncomfortable every week. Uncomfortable = Growth


Stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there for the world to see is intimidating – yes, even at times for someone who has been posting to social media for over 10 years! But the alternative is choosing the easy, comfortable route, and you’ll always be left wondering ‘what if’…


I recently interviewed one of my incredible clients, Sol Pineda. Sol was a classic example of a very talented business owner paralysed by the fear of what she needed to do to get herself on social media. Just like Sol, I’ve had many clients come to me while sitting at a crossroads between wanting to gain exposure and reach more potential clients, but ultimately being held back by fear. 


Once Sol had recognised and allowed herself time to work through her fear, she was set free! As time went on, the process became more natural which is exactly how we have all felt at one stage or another. 


Once that fear had passed, I was so impressed with how Sol went from being terrified, to getting everything done with her marketing within a month!


When the feeling of fear begins to creep in, remember that nothing great was ever achieved in the comfort zone. That solopreneur you look up to? The successful businesses you follow on social media? They all started in the same place as YOU. Having a positive outlook, trusting your instincts and being brave is the key to social media success! All it takes is a little courage to present your true, authentic self.


Watch my full interview with Sol Pineda below.