I used to get frustrated about challenges popping up in my life and I saw them as obstacles in my way. After getting over one obstacle, I was dreading the invisible threat of the next obstacle.

Life was happening TO me. And I couldn’t control the events around me. I lost sleep over stressing about the lack of control I sometimes felt. I was on a hamster wheel and looking for a way out… preferably somewhere tropical and far away!

I wasn’t embracing life, or the flow of life. I was actively resisting it and wishing it to be different.

Years ago I read a book ‘The secret of letting go’ by Guy Finley and still remember the story of the man in the cave when his surroundings started to collapse and threatened to bury him in the rubble. He was trying to keep the cave from collapsing with everything he had but was fighting a losing battle. He was stuck with nowhere to go, until he heard a subtle voice suggesting he simply ‘let go’ and ‘stop fighting the cave.’ After a fierce internal battle, he did exactly that and let go. The cave didn’t bury him and he found the treasure he had been searching for on the other side of the cave collapse.

Life only seems like a battle because we hold onto it or hold onto ideas of what should be, instead of what is. Letting go lets life flow effortlessly and purposefully. Everything seems to happen for a reason. Every event in our lives serves us. Life happens ‘FOR’ us, instead of ‘TO’ us…

Eventually I had my cave moment too and started to ‘let go’. At first a little, then a little more when I saw myself retreat back to familiar thought patterns and behaviours.

It took practise.
It took building trust in myself and my abilities.
That I can handle anything that comes my way.
It took building trust in the flow of life.
That everything here is to serve me.
It took building curiosity to just observe before judging anything as good or bad. Every event just ‘was’ without being good or bad. Every event was there to serve me and it was up to me to find the gold in everything that came my way. And when I looked for the gold, I always found it too!

That’s when life started to happen FOR me and I started embracing every moment with an open and curious heart and welcoming them in my life!

Now I breathe this mantra every morning:

Life happens FOR me –
And guess what? Life really does happen for me!

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