What’s your WHY? Knowing your WHY is the single most important aspect of living a meaningful, purposeful life and serving the world through your work or business. 

There was a stage in my business when I had achieved my first set of big goals and I found myself drifting aimlessly unable to decide what I really wanted to do next. I was comfortable. Life was easy. There wasn’t an immediate challenge to overcome. I could have stayed where I was. 

I had this nagging feeling that I wasn’t meant to stay comfortable, but I had trouble pinpointing what to focus on next. I drifted for another 2 years. Business grew slowly, we were moving forward, but the lack of burning passion inside me was obvious. I still loved what I did. I found moments that were incredibly rewarding. But no burning passion.

It was time to reconnect with my WHY. That RAW WHY inside me that isn’t captured in my business vision, mission or even in the most authentic messaging, because they were still just a layer of my WHY, not the deep CORE WHY that I was now on a mission to pinpoint.

Sometimes discovering or rediscovering your WHY is a gradual process, sometimes it hits like a lightning bolt from the sky. Over the years I needed to grow and heal to discover the next level of my why. Until I fully healed as a person I couldn’t understand my why, because it meant accepting parts of me that were hard to accept.

It meant accepting difficult times and trauma, but they were lessons integral in shaping who I became and who I believe I was meant to be.

Once I had done enough healing in myself to accept that my WHY wasn’t going to be perfect or easy to voice, I was ready for that lightning bolt moment.

Reconnecting with my WHY was going to shake me to the core. Reverberate through every cell in my body. It was a deeply raw and emotional moment, but it was also freeing in that I felt the simple truth in it. It was going to simplify my life and give me purpose and direction to focus my efforts and make a bigger difference around me.

My WHY: Because my life has to matter! 

I didn’t go through everything I have lived through to stop here. Every day I’m thriving, my suffering meant something. Every day I can help someone else to find this truth about themselves, is a day lived with purpose for me!

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