Would you love to work with a marketing coach that works both intuitively and strategically with you, so you are effortlessly guided to the next steps that are right for you and your business?

I didn’t decide to do intuitive marketing one day. Intuitive marketing found me. Or I simply realised that this is how I was working with my clients.

So what is intuitive marketing?

When out of the sea of different possible and viable strategies and options to pursue, emerges an alternative that simply ‘feels right’ even though we can’t really logically explain why we feel drawn to it.

When clarity for solutions and next steps comes out of a session of meditation instead of a furious research and analysis.

When I am sitting in front of a client looking for recommendations for their marketing approach, I simply tune in and feel the certainty of what I am going to say next is going to be the best option for them right now. And they will agree with me wholeheartedly.

Intuitive, but strategic 

I have always worked very strategically (I have a background in IT systems and Business Analysis) with my clients to ensure campaigns we create help our clients achieve their goals. However, a few years ago I noticed that whenever I tuned into my clients more intuitively, I was able to find solutions for them that were in line with what they and their business needed right now. Usually these were also the solutions that made my clients feel the most excited, as they could ‘feel’ they were right for them and made sense.

Over time I started getting referrals from previous clients for business owners who were looking for a marketing coach that worked more intuitively and understood the ‘softer’ aspects of their business and how they operated. The purpose, the calling, being spiritually aligned, desire to make a difference, building connections that didn’t fit into the traditional business thinking of figures, graphs and research data as a starting point.

Yes, we still do our research and figures, but an intuitive approach allows us to narrow down the options faster and results in better outcomes on the longer run, because everything seems to effortlessly line-up and it ‘feels right’ and makes sense every step of the way.

If you are ready to overcome overwhelm and confusion over your business and marketing direction, and find an easeful direction that ‘feels right’ for you and your business right now, book your free 15-minute initial consultation with Minna here to learn more