Letting Go of Social Media Fear

For so many people the thought of creating content and posting to social media builds fear and anxiety within themselves. Yes, it can be scary to put yourself out there for others to judge, but in order to grow you have to face the things that make you uncomfortable!   I always say try to [...]

Letting Go of Social Media Fear2021-09-20T02:20:05+00:00

When life happens FOR you, everything empowers you!

I used to get frustrated about challenges popping up in my life and I saw them as obstacles in my way. After getting over one obstacle, I was dreading the invisible threat of the next obstacle. Life was happening TO me. And I couldn’t control the events around me. I lost sleep over stressing about [...]

When life happens FOR you, everything empowers you!2021-06-18T02:10:57+00:00

Discovering My ‘WHY’

What’s your WHY? Knowing your WHY is the single most important aspect of living a meaningful, purposeful life and serving the world through your work or business.  There was a stage in my business when I had achieved my first set of big goals and I found myself drifting aimlessly unable to decide what I [...]

Discovering My ‘WHY’2021-06-18T02:11:39+00:00

Combining Intuitive and Strategic in Marketing

Would you love to work with a marketing coach that works both intuitively and strategically with you, so you are effortlessly guided to the next steps that are right for you and your business? I didn’t decide to do intuitive marketing one day. Intuitive marketing found me. Or I simply realised that this is how [...]

Combining Intuitive and Strategic in Marketing2021-06-18T02:12:21+00:00